If your children aren’t already back to school, they start this week, and no place is that more obvious than in the mind of a harried parent after a summer of trying to entertain the tykes.

Now, it’s your turn.

And there’s no place better to get your calm on than St. Armands Circle, where an incredible assortment of shops and restaurants await. Sans children.

Sure, you might initially have a moment of panic until you realize the kids haven’t wandered off. They’re at school.

This is about you.

Maybe the sound of kids fighting over pretty much anything is still echoing in your mind. Why not drown it out with the quiet clink of plates and silverware, of grown up conversation, in any of the over 25 eateries on the circle?

You can erase the flashbacks to endless children’s TV with “try it on” sessions at our many boutiques or by seeking that perfect gift for yourself for a summer of service. And if you’re really out to pamper yourself, there are countless health and beauty options available. Some ice cream here might help, maybe fudge.

So if you’re a professional, come down to The Circle at lunch or after 5 for something special or to shop. If you’re a full-time parent, now’s the time to wander, nay, mosey, stopping in this or that shop for whatever strikes your fancy.

You’ve earned it.

And not to forget the heroes who make this possible, we expect the teachers will be coming by on the weekend for another glimpse of summer. So be sure to thank every teacher you meet, on the Circle and off.

A trip to St. Armands Circle is your reward for being a great parent — or a great teacher.