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When the St. Armands Garage opened earlier this year, we were understandably proud of it for a few reasons.

Most notably, the garage adds a generous 500 additional parking spaces to our popular shopping, dining and relaxing mecca. But its design — a definite cut above your average parking garage — turned a few heads as well among professionals who would know.

At a recent conference, the Florida Parking and Transportation Association recognized the City of Sarasota’s St. Armands Parking Garage.

The FPTA honored garage with two awards of merit: one for structure design, the other for architecture. The decision was based on the opinions of a panel of experts in the fields of planning, design, architecture, and operations.

The St. Armands Circle Association extends its congratulations to the top-notch team behind the garage project led by Parking Division Manager Mark Lyons, Solstice Planning and Architecture, and Jon F. Swift Construction. We’d also like to recognize the St. Armands BID & Circle Association who made the entire project possible.

So while you’re thanking your lucky stars that parking on St. Armands is so easy these days, remember it’s also something of a work of art.

Now that parking is a beautiful feature of St. Armands, what are you waiting for? The Circle has something for everyone, and it’s the perfect place to enjoy Sarasota’s stunning weather and interesting people.

The St. Armands Garage is located at 57 N. Adams Drive is a short walk from the world-renowned shops and restaurants on St. Armands Circle.

The garage offers covered parking for 480 plus vehicles, including five EV charging stations for just 50 cents per hour plus free parking every Sunday and city holiday.