St. Armands Circle is the key to an unparalleled experience in shopping, dining, and distinctive services.


For decades, St. Armands Circle has welcomed visitors from across the world. Unique in concept, history, and beauty, it is a beacon for those seeking quality and original goods, dining, personal services, and events—all delivered in a casual yet luxurious open-air setting.

Like many success stories, the Circle sprang from humble beginnings. Part of 132 acres of mangrove swamp purchased by Charles St. Armands (sic) in 1893 for $21.71, it eventually found its way into the hands of circus magnate John Ringling in 1917. Ringling’s vision for the property extended well beyond the original owner’s fishing and poultry production trades to a concept that encompassed residential lots, a circular shopping area, and a bridge and causeway to join it all with the mainland.

The shopping circle looks very much as Ringling envisioned it, with palm-lined medians, a park-like setting, and tropical plantings.

A nationwide depression stalled progress, but Ringling’s influence is still evident in the St. Armands Circle that evolved into what it is today, with streets radiating from the circle’s hub and Italian statuary from his personal collection placed around the key. The shopping circle looks very much as Ringling envisioned it, with palm-lined medians, a park-like setting, and tropical plantings providing an elegant showcase for what is now nearly 140 stores.

All of these factors—what St. Armands Circle was, what it is, and what it promises to be—have created what members of its merchants’ association call the “spirit” of their unique community.

According to leaders from the St. Armands Circle Association, the desire to share that spirit is the impetus behind a new rebranding campaign. Created in conjunction with the St. Armands Circle Business Improvement District and the association, the campaign is designed to preserve and reinvigorate the Circle as a distinctive destination for residents, regional visitors, and tourists and showcase what makes the Circle special.

As part of the rebrand, organizers hope to heighten awareness around the distinctive variety of the Circle’s offerings, as well as its elegant European plaza-like charm.

A mall is a mall. A shopping center is a shopping center. The Circle, however, is something altogether different.

With restaurants considered among the area’s best, it’s also where locals and tourists go for memorable dining for every occasion, whether that means an upscale restaurant, a tropical bistro, or just a brew, cone, or coffee. Guests also come to St. Armands to immerse themselves in luxurious pampering in its salons and spas.

Located just minutes across the sparkling waters of the Bay from Downtown Sarasota and with some 1,600 parking spots available in and around it, visitors can easily stop by for a quick trip or an all-day affair. Better yet, once in park, everything from world-class shopping to Lido’s famous sugar sand beaches (and legendary sunsets) is only a short walk away. Street parking is free on weekends and holidays, and garage parking is free on Sundays and holidays.

Combining the latest in trends and services, the area’s deep roots in circus, and its merchants’ commitment to excellence, St. Armands Circle has become a singular ecosystem appreciated by 2.7 million visitors a year. Whether those visitors are locals or residents sharing the experience with company, day-trippers, tourists from across the country, or international visitors who often make it a first stop.

The message from merchants, restauranteurs and community leaders is clear; the goal is to prove every day that life’s better on the Circle, where memorable days begin.

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