30 04, 2017

Where is the ATM?

By |2017-06-28T17:53:53-04:00April 30th, 2017||

Wells Fargo Bank, located in the Pink Quadrant at 300 Madison Drive and Bank of America, located in the Gold Quadrant at 443 John Ringling Boulevard 

30 04, 2017

Are there medical services on the Circle?

By |2017-04-30T23:40:38-04:00April 30th, 2017||

Fire Department/ Rescue Team for CPR and Defibrillators  +1(941)951-4211 Optical Services St. Armands Optical Boutique & Gallery  +1(941)388-3937  (EYES) Sunglass Express Optical  +1(941)388-5115 Tarpon Shores Dental +1(941)388-4114 Urgent Care Sarasota Memorial Urgent Care at St. Armands  +1(941)952-4750 500 John [...]

30 04, 2017

What do the color flags mean?

By |2017-06-28T18:10:25-04:00April 30th, 2017||

The flags on the lamp posts correspond with the color coded St. Armands map and the outdoor street directories on each corner of each quadrant.

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